06 December 2010

BLUE VALENTINE screening for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

 Adorable actress Faith Wladyka in Enchanted Enfant with Oscar nominated co-star, Ryan Gosling, at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences private screening of BLUE VALENTINE in New York, Sunday 5 December 2010, hosted by legendary actor Robert DeNiro and Tribeca Film Festival partner, Jane Rosenthal. 

Directed by Derek Cianfrance and backed by film industry powerhouse, The Weinstein Company, BLUE VALENTINE is the story of love found and love lost. Already garnering much critical acclaim, and an Independent Spirit Award for Valentine's Michelle Williams, showbiz columnist Roger Friedman heralds BLUE VALENTINE and the performances of its stars as “in the running” for the Oscars. “BLUE VALENTINE is an extraordinarily crafted original drama ... when Academy members sit with BLUE VALENTINE... they will never forget these performances.” David Krarger of Entertainment Weekly declares, “If there is any justice, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams will both earn Oscar nominations for their raw, arresting performances.” And adorable newcomer Wladyka is garnering rave reviews as well. Faith “easily steals every scene she is in.... This film is already garnering much deserved critical acclaim” declares Toronto Film Scene critic Julia Gutowski.

Faith is wearing Enchanted Enfant's L'Opera gown in paris pink from the fall holiday 2011 collection. 

BLUE VALENTINE opens in theatres 31 December 2010.